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Surfaces respect is fundamental during routine cleaning: that’s the only way to achieve long-lasting results, indeed. Sorma has conceived an exclusive range of products to keep intact surfaces’ quality. The particular formulation assures great results at first treatment and the diffusion of a fresh fragrance.
Sormalin 25 Sormalin 25 SC Sormalin 269 SC Sormalin 229 SC
Sormalin 25
The multi-purpose alcohol cleaner
Sormalin 25 SC
The multi-purpose concentrate alcohol cleaner
Sormalin 269 SC
The concentrate active cleaner with long-lasting fragrance
Sormalin 229 SC
The concentrate gloss-finish cleaner
Sormalin 23 SC Sormalin 211 Sormalin 224 SC
Sormalin 23 SC
The concentrate ultra-moistening cleaner
Sormalin 211
The mid alkaline cleaner
Sormalin 224 SC
The concentrate nonslip cleaner
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